The updated iASiS platform for customised diagnosis has been released!

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The updated iASiS platform for customised diagnosis has been released!

The second and final version of the iASiS platform has been released successfully. With the iASiS project coming to an end, all efforts - scientific and technical - are coming together showcasing the project’s achievements. One of them has been the successful development of the online iASiS platform that provides personalised diagnosis and treatment for patients of two diseases: lung cancer and Alzheimer’s. The knowledge provided by this platform is invaluable to both physicians and health policy makers.


To create the iASiS platform, partners collaborated so as to develop specialised tools to harvest, conduct, extract and analyse heterogeneous data. Particular emphasis was placed on the interoperability between the different datasets.

The iASiS platform has a dual purpose: it provides user-friendly access to the data, which have been collected, integrated and analyzed while being linked to results and analysis. Extracting this knowledge from the data enables users (doctors and policy makers) to make effective decisions tailored to their patients, thereby helping to achieve personalised medicine.

The platform was developed in two phases and was finalised after the evaluation of the system from approximately 100 end-users, as well as an external board, comprised of international experts.