NoYear of publicationType of publicationTitle and short description of publicationsRelated files
12020Conference proceedingsDrug-Drug Interaction Prediction on a Biomedical Literature Knowledge Graph (AIME 2020)
22020Journal ArticleReconstructing the Patient’s Natural History from Electronic Health Records (in Journal Artificial Intelligence in Medicine)Link to article
32020Conference proceedingsSpa-neg: an approach for negation detection in clinical text written in Spanish (IWBBIO 2020)Download File
42020Conference proceedingsiASiS Open Data Graph: Automated Semantic Integration of Disease-Specific Knowledge (CBMS 2020)
52020Conference proceedingsData Mining and Knowledge Discovery Journal Track:
Error detection in Knowledge Graphs: Path Ranking, Embeddings or both? (ECML-PKDD)
Download File
62020Conference proceedingsOptimizing Federated Queries Based on the Physical Design of a Data Lake  (EDBT/ICDT 2020 Joint Conference)Download File
72020Journal ArticleCompacting Frequent Star Patterns in RDF Graphs. (Journal of Intelligent Information Systems)
82019Conference proceedingsRecognition of Time Expressions in Spanish Electronic Health Records (CBMS 2019)Download File
92019Journal ArticleRadiomics textural features extracted from subcortical structures of Gray matter probability for Alzheimers disease detectionDownload File
102019Conference proceedingsWhen humans and machines collaborate: cross-lingual label editing in wikidata.Download File
112019Conference proceedingsWhat Are the Parameters that Affect the Construction of a Knowledge Graph?Download File
122019Journal articleTransforming Heterogeneous Data into Knowledge for Personalized Treatments - A Use Case.Download File
132019Journal articleFALCON 2.0: An Entity and Relation Linking Tool over WikidataDownload File
142019Conference proceedingsFALCON: An Entity and Relation Linking Framework over DBpediaDownload File
152019Conference proceedingsCOMET: A Contextualized Molecule-Based Matching Technique.Download File
162019Conference proceedingsiASiS: Towards Heterogeneous Big Data Analysis for Personalized Medicine (CBMS 2019)Download File
172019Conference proceedingsBeyond MeSH: Fine-Grained Semantic Indexing of Biomedical Literature based on Weak Supervision (CBMS 2019)Download File
182019Conference proceedingsSemantic Data Integration Techniques for Transforming Big Biomedical Data into Actionable Knowledge (CBMS 2019)Download File
192019Conference proceedingsRanking Knowledge Graphs By Capturing Knowledge about Languages and Labels. (KCAP 19)Download File
202019Book chapterPURE: A Privacy Aware Rule-Based Framework over Knowledge GraphsDownload File
212019Book chapterOntario: Federated Query Processing Against a Semantic Data Lake.Download File
222019Conference proceedingsOld is Gold: Linguistic Driven Approach for Entity and Relation Linking of Short Text.Download File
232019Conference proceedingsCogAware: Evaluation of a language based screening tool for cognitive assessment (AAIC2019)
242019Conference proceedingsInteraction Network Analysis Using Semantic Similarity Based on Translation Embeddings (SEMANTiCS 2019)Download File
252019Conference proceedingsMapSDI: A Scaled-Up Semantic Data Integration Framework for Knowledge Graph Creation (CoopIS2019)Download File
262019Conference proceedingsSummarizing Entity Temporal Evolution in Knowledge GraphsDownload File
272019Journal articleSEOM clinical guidelines for the treatment of small-cell lung cancer (SCLC 2019)Download File
282018Conference proceedingsAAIC '18 - Alzheimer's Association International Conference iASiS: Big Data for Precision Medicine. Automatic Detection of Linguistic Indicators as a Means of Early Prediction of Alzheimer's and of Related Dementias (Link)
292018Jounal ArticleRNAct: Protein-RNA interaction predictions for model organisms with supporting experimental data (Journal - Nucleic Acids Research)Download File
302018Conference proceedingsBig Data for Supporting Precision Medicine in Lung Cancer Patient. ASCO 2018 (Link)
312018Conference proceedingsAristoteleio Glosologia - Automatic extraction of linguistic features in Alzheimer’s disease: A computational linguistics approach (in Proceedings of 39th Annual Meeting of the Department of Linguistics, School of Philosophy, AUTH) (Link)
322018Conference proceedingsESWC 2018 Project Networking Track Title: iASiS: Big Data for Supporting Precision Medicine and Public Health Policy-Making Description: This extended abstract describes the objectives of the iASiS project, the main characteristics of the iASiS knowledge graph and the components of the iASiS framework. Resources that will be made available to the Semantic Web community are described as well. (Link)
332018Conference proceedingsWikipedia Disease Articles: An Analysis Of Their Content And EvolutionDownload File
342018Conference proceedingsIEEE International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS 2018) - Evaluating Wikipedia as a source of information for disease understanding (Link)
352018Journal articleProfiling lung cancer patients using electronic health records Status (in Journal of Medical Systems)Download File
362018Poster in ConferenceSemantic integration of disease-specific knowledge. (ECCB 2018) (Poster)  (Link)Download File #1
372018Journal articleBOUNCER: Privacy-aware Query Processing Over Federations of RDF Dataset Description (DEXA 2018)Download File
382018Journal articleGARUM: A Semantic Similarity Measure Based on Machine Learning and Entity Characteristics (Link)Download File
392018Conference proceedingsFedSDM: Semantic Data Manager for Federations of RDF Datasets.
402018Journal articleSupervoxels-Based Histon as a New Alzheimer’s Disease Imaging Biomarker (in journal Sensors MDPI)Download File #1
412018Journal articleQuerying Interlinked Data by Bridging RDF Molecule Templates (in Transactions on Large-Scale Data- and Knowledge-Centered Systems) (Link)
422018Conference proceedingsSynthesizing Knowledge Graphs from web sources with the MINTE+ framework (ISWC 2018)
432018Conference proceedingsUnveiling Scholarly Communities over Knowledge Graphs. (Link)
442018Conference proceedingsHARE: An Engine for Enhancing Answer Completeness of SPARQL Queries via Crowdsourcing. The Web Conference WWW 2018, Journal Track (Link)
452018Conference proceedingsWhy Reinvent the Wheel- Let's Build Question Answering Systems Together. The Web Conference WWW 2018, Research Track. (Link)
462018Conference proceedingsAutomatic detection of linguistic indicators as a means of early prediction of Alzheimer’s Disease, (in proceedings of the Conference of Language Disorders in Greek-LDG07, poster presentation) (Link)
472018Conference proceedingsIASIS and BigMedilytics: Towards personalized medicine in Europe. (CAEPIA)
482018Conference proceedingsLung Cancer Concept Annotation from Spanish Clinical Narratives. (DILS 2018)
492018Book chapterSemantic Data Integration of Big Biomedical Data for Supporting Personalised Medicine. Book chapter in Studies in Computational Intelligence
502018Conference proceedingsA Knowledge-Driven Pipeline for Transforming Big Data into Actionable Knowledge (DILS2018)
512018Conference proceedingsData Integration for Supporting Biomedical Knowledge Graph Creation at Large-Scale (DILS 2018)
522017Conference proceedingsAutomatic Detection of Linguistic indicators as a means of early detection of Alzheimer’s and of related dementias: A Computational Linguistics analysis. (IEEE CogInfoCom 2017)Download File
532017Conference proceedingsIASIS: Big Data for Supporting Precision Medicine and Public Health Policy-Making (ESWC2017)Download File
542017Conference proceedingsMINTE: semantically integrating RDF graphs
552017Conference proceedingsSemantic Data Integration for Knowledge Graph Construction at Query Time
562017Conference proceedingsCapturing Knowledge in Semantically-typed Relational Patterns to Enhance Relation Linking.
572017Conference proceedingsMateTee: A Semantic Similarity Metric Based on Translation Embeddings for Knowledge Graphs
582017Conference proceedingsSMJoin: A Multi-way Join Operator for SPARQL Queries
592017Conference proceedingsSJoin: A Semantic Join Operator to Integrate Heterogeneous RDF Graphs
602017Conference proceedingsMULDER: Querying the Linked Data Web by Bridging RDF Molecule Templates
612017Conference proceedingsTowards a Multi-way Similarity Join Operator
622017Conference proceedingsAutomatic Recording and Analysis of Somniloquy Through the Use of Mobile Devices to Support the Diagnosis of Psychological Pathologies (CITI 2017)